Curriculum Vitae

Linux DevOps, Cloud, Web and Data Science passionate

I’m currently busy playing with SaltStack, Docker, OpenStack, Infrastructure and Configuration as Code, and Microservices Architectures, but my interests in technology and maths fields cover the following areas:

Data Analysis and Technologies
R, Spark, Hadoop, Machine Learning

Cloud Computing Technologies, Docker containers, Infrastructure as Code Technologies, Linux and Embedded Linux Systems, Microservices Architectures

Chaos Theory, Dynamic Systems, Fractals and Scalability

Functional programming with Scala, GPGPU Programming (CUDA C++), Python and Go programming

Full Stack Web Development
Angular4, TypeScript, Node.js, MongoDB

Some Open Source projects I’m working on

  • PyXymon – GitHub
  • SaltStack Code Snippets – GitHub
  • Nagios Plugins for Linux – GitHub
  • Dynamic Systems and Chaos – GitHub
  • Out of Compliance Scanner – GitHub
  • The openmamba Linux distribution


A scatter plot that should help visualizing nearly all my job and programming activities.

job experiences
Study and Work Experiences

September 2017 – current
Senior DevOps at Qwant


Extend SaltStack for a better integration with the GitLab CI framework and HashiCorp Vault. Development in the Python language.


  • Docker, Docker Compose;
  • Git, GitLab, GitLab Runner;
  • SaltStack;
  • HashiCorp Vault;
  • Python;
  • Debian Linux.

April 2013 – current
OS2 – Open Source Solutions (Auto Entrepreneur)


In parallel of my current job, I have decided to develop an additional professional activity as Auto Entrepreneur, mainly focused on Open Source and Linux–based technologies:

  • Web development (JavaScript/JQuery, MEAN Stack);
  • Linux Embedded system, multimedia, Python and web development on RaspberryPi;
  • LAN networking design and setup (Cisco, DELL, Synology NAS);
  • Web services based on AWS Cloud Technologies.

July 2014 – August 2017
Senior DevOps and Linux Engineer at Sopra Steria

I joined Sopra Steria group as a L3 consulting Linux administrator and DevOps on several Red Hat based new projects.


  • Lead the switch to SaltStack as primary tool for IT automation and Linux system configuration management;
  • Build, validate and improve High Availability solutions, for hosting web applications and Oracle databases, by using the Red Hat cluster technlogies;
  • Develop an open source framework (back–end in Python and JSON, front–end in Bootstrap and AngularJS) for ensuring the quality of the build process and report a list of deviations from the company policies;
  • Develop some scripts for building and packaging the infrastructure software (hosted on a private GitLab) into dynamically created Docker containers, one per supported platform;
  • Build from scratch an IT automation solution for managing the infra and customers’ servers configurations using SaltStack;
  • Develop a Python inventory tool for Linux using SaltStack as backend;
  • Improve the Xymon monitoring by developing new checks and fixing the existing ones.


  • Linux RHEL/CentOS, Linux Debian, RedHat Cluster Suite, Spacewalk, Docker containers, AWS services, VMWare;
  • Travis CI, Jenkins CI, Git/GitHub/GitLab, SaltStack;
  • Shell and Python scripting languages, RWD (Bootstrap, CSS3, HTML5, AngularJS).

October 2011 – June 2014
Monitoring Architect and Team Leader at IBM

L3 Nagios and Centreon administrator and developer. Technical Leader of the Nagios monitoring team (France and Poland). Focal point of the monitoring technologies based on open source solutions and software.

This work at IBM France has given me the opportunity to set up new solutions for monitoring operating systems, databases, applications, and network appliances by using a wide range of open source technologies.


  • New project management (architecture, transition, planning, realization, and support);
  • Design, implement, validate, and document new monitoring solutions, by cooperating with architects, managers, system, database, and application administrators;
  • Develop shell and Python scripts and C programs (mainly Linux system level programs);
  • Create rpm packages and administer the yum repositories containing the monitoring and system software (250+ source rpm packages and 2000 packages created from scratch);
  • Improve the security of the core and Nagios servers, apache services and applications;
  • Administer/update the existing monitoring configuration (5000+ hosts; 60000+ monitored services).


  • Operating Systems: AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, VMware ESX/ESXi, Windows;
  • Databases: DB2, MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL;
  • Network and IT security appliances: Linux, Cisco, BalaBit Log Management, QRadar;
  • Development languages: bash, C, Perl, Python, HTPL, and PHP.


Open source extensions to the Nagios Plugins official software for monitoring Linux servers. Porting of some of these plugins to other Unixes (AIX, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris, SunOS openindiana).

Source code

November 2008 – September 2011
Linux System Administrator at IBM

Senior Linux system adminitrator and Nagios/Centreon Monitoring expert.
During my work at IBM SSO in France, I was assigned on multiple client Linux support.
My experiences at IBM helped me to add management, compliance and process skills to my profile.


  • Changes and incidents management using ITIL tools and methods;
  • Linux level 3 support to client and internal teams;
  • ITIL and GDF environment;
  • On-call duty (nights and weekends);
  • Development of yum repositories containing all the sofware written by the team and myself.

Volunteer member of the IBM Center of Excellence Linux, working on solutions of standardization and validation of new technologies for Linux inside IBM France and for improving the quality of the delivery.


  • RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) 2–6, physical and virtual servers (VMWare, HyperV);
  • Red Hat and Linux HA (heartbeat and DRBD) clusters;
  • SLES (SuSE Enterprise Linux Server) 10 and 11;
  • IBM servers and IBM blades; Boot On San;
  • VMware ESX management;
  • Yum and RPM packaging;
  • Bash, Python, PHP, and C development languages.

July 2008 – Octobre 2008
C/C++ development on Linux mobile at OpenPlug

Porting of several MSDN library functions and win32 code, libraries and tools developed under Microsoft Visual C/C++, to the Moblin environment, an open source Linux-based operating system and application stack for Mobile Internet Devices, netbooks, nettops and embedded devices.


  • Ubuntu Linux;
  • GNU gcc compiler, linker, and GNU autotools; SVN repositories;
  • Development languages: Shell scripting, C and C++.

January 2007 – May 2008
Linux and VMware Certified Engineer at IBM Turin

Senior Linux system adminitrator and VMware certified engineer.


  • Definition of a procedure for the disaster recovery (rebuild of remote servers from scratch, by using a Tivoli backup and a clonezilla iso image booted via an RSA interface);
  • Move hundreds of of physical servers and virtualized server images from the Turin data-center to IBM Milan ones;
  • Install, configure and manage a hundred production servers;
  • Install vendor patches and implement the IBM security policies;
  • Fix the problems of “local triangulation” between frontend and backend servers when using a Radware’s load balancing solution;
  • Install, configure, and manage several VMware ESX servers (version 3.0.x);
  • Development of some shell scripts for creating the servers utilization reports (application log analysis).


  • RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) AS/ES 3/4, SuSE SLES 10; Clonezilla;
  • IBM TSM;
  • VMware Environment.

September 2003 – December 2006
Linux System Development at QiNet S.r.l.

Developer of the ‘QiLinux’ GNU/Linux distribution for i586 and ppc architectures, the first
Italian distribution created from scratch.

April 2006 – December 2006 (9 months). Leader of the team that has developed QiLinux 2.0, the derived commercial products ‘Tuga Desktop’, and the educational live CD ‘QiLinux Docet’ and ‘Qiko Junior’.

Between 2003 and 2006 I had an experience as a Linux distribution developer which
involved me into many different activities ranging from the conception and creation from
sources of all the pieces and technologies of a modern Linux distribution to the development and debugging in the Linux environment and the compliance with the available standards.


  • Creation and updating of all the specfiles shipped by the QiLinux project;
  • Build the software for all the supported architectures;
  • Integration in QiLinux of all the available Linux desktop and server technologies;
  • Products quality, usability analysis, bug fixing, and conformance to the LSB standards;
  • Patching of the security issues and public release of the ‘QiLinux Security Advisories’;
  • Development of the autospec and libspec software for speed up the packages update, and make it possible the continuous integration and testing of the new software in the mainstream distribution;
  • Development of the C software what was responsible for the creation of the packages
    dependency chart and the PHP pages in the QiLinux web portal;
  • Creation of the final ISO images of the opensource and commercial products;
  • Installation and support of QiLinux boxes.


All the Linux technologies ranging from the Linux kernel plus user-space related software
(devfs, udev, hal, D–Bus, . . .) to the system tools, the local, printing, and network services
up to the development (autotools, GNU/gcc suite, LLVM, SVN, mono, OpenJDK, . . .) and
desktop environments (KDE, Gnome, LXDE).

March 2003 – August 2003
Cisco Network Specialist at Intesa Sanpaolo

Working as a Cisco LAN/WAN network administrator expert in one of the most important
banks of Italy.


  • Managing the local and WAN network infrastructure of the customer;
  • Proactively provide solutions for improving the customer’s network;
  • Install, configure, and managing an HP OpenView monitoring station;
  • Development of some scripts in the Windows environment for processing alerts and sending emails.


  • Cisco routers and switches;
  • HP OpenView monitoring.

October 2001 – January 2003
Cisco Network Expert Engineer at Atlanet

Cisco Engineer at Atlanet (FIAT’s TLC venture now part of the BT Telecom group), working
in a highly business and production critical environment.

Development of a fully featured software for generating Cisco router configurations from
a minimal set of specifications given by a network architect.


  • Implement, troubleshoot, validate very large migration projects to the MPLS technology;
  • Configure and install Cisco routers on-site and troubleshoot the connectivity issues;
  • Provide solutions to customer’s network problems by using the Cisco technologies.


  • Cisco routers with ADSL, ISDN, serial and Ethernet interfaces;
  • LAN protocols: DECnet, Ethernet, IBM SNA, TCP, Token Ring, UDP;
  • Routing protocols: EIGRP, OSPF, BGP;
  • Other network protocols/technologies: DLSw, ICMP, IP, L2TP, MPLS, NAT, SNMP.

October 1999 – September 2001
Cisco Network Engineer at Fiat GlobalValue

Working either on-site or remotely for different Italian customers (Fiat ITS and GlobalValue, Sanpaolo, Miroglio Tessile) to develop, troubleshoot and manage their Cisco WAN networks.

Develop small network related scripts for calculating IP parameters and doing SNMP
queries on routers not accessible by our team.


  • Cisco routers and Cisco IOS;
  • Routing (EIGRP, OSPF, BGP) and network (telnet, ICMP, SNMP) protocols.

October 1998 – February 1999
TeX development at Academy of Sciences

Development of a collection of TeX macros and document styles written in pure plainTeX for the Royal cademy of Sciences of Turin.
The aim of this project was to develop a document style, using the plainTeX language, to
easily write Mathematics and Physics papers by emulating the Microsoft Word Look&Feel.
The most difficult part was implementing a complete support for the TrueType fonts, not natively available under plainTeX.

See the result at


  • Italian: Native language
  • French: Bilingual proficiency
  • English: Professional working proficiency


September 2014 –
Coursera, edX, Udacity, and FUN MOOCs

Lifelong learning for professional development and fun: several MOOCs completed, mainly on Data Science, Big Data, Cloud Computing, and parallel/generic/functional/web programming.

October 1994 – July 1999
Università degli Studi di Torino

Master’s degree in Applied Science, Mathematics and Computer Science.

September 1982 – June 1993
Conservatorio di Musica G. Verdi, Torino

Bachelor’s degree, Music Performance, Piano, Composition.


2016. Full Stack Web Development Specialization – The Hong Kong University.
2016. Paradigms of Computer Programming – Université catholique de Louvain.
2015. Big Data XSeries Certificate – Berkeley University & Databricks.
2007. VMware Certified Professional on VI3 (VCP310).
2003. VPN-1/Firewall-1 Management II NG.
2003. ZyXEL Certified Network Engineer.
2002. CSPFA (Cisco Secure PIX Firewall Advanced).
2001. BSCN (Building Scalable Cisco Networks).
2000. CLSC (Cisco LAN Switch Configuration) Certified.

See this page for a detailed list of MOOCs I’ve completed so far.