Nagios Plugins for Linux v19

The release 19 of the Nagios Plugins for Linux is now available for download!

You can download the tarball from GitHub.

As usual, bug reports, feature requests, and ideas for improvements are welcome!



Recent versions of multipath no longer open a multipathd socket file in the file system, but instead use an abstract namespace socket. Thanks to Chris Procter “chr15p” for reporting the issue and creating a pull request.


Fixed the performance data output.



Fixed the long-standing gcc compiler warning “dereferencing type-punned pointer might break strict-aliasing rules”.  This was a false problem, but the code has been modified to quiet the warning.

A larger buffer for queries is now set, to make this plugin working with systems that have lots of mapped disks.

Test Suite

A framework for testing the code (make check) has been added and some tests are now available.

Compatibility issues


By default the abstract namespace socket “/org/kernel/linux/storage/multipathd” is now selected at build time.
If you need to monitor old distributions (RHEL5 and RHEL6 for instance) you need to configure this package as followed:

./configure --with-socketfile=/var/run/multipathd.sock


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