Nagios Plugins for Linux 18 released

Here is it, version 18 of the Nagios Plugins for Linux.

It’s manly a bugfix release with a fix for an issue recently pointed out by Paul Dunkler: some of the plugins did not terminate with the correct return code when reaching a warning or critical threshold.

The check_memory plugin no more reports as cached memory the unreclaimable slab values, which cannot be reclaimed even under memory pressure.

The check_cpu plugin executed with the ‘-i | —cpuinfo‘ switch, now correctly detect on 64-bit architectures the CPU 64-bit op-mode.

A minor memory resource leak reported by the Coverity Scan tool has also been fixed.

You can download the source code (.xz compressed tarball) here and visit the GitHub project web page for more information.

As usual, bug reports, feature requests, and ideas for improvements are welcome!

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