Getting Started with Storm

Getting Started with Storm“, by Jonathan Leibiusky, Gabriel Eisbruch & Dario Simonassi.
Countinuous Streaming Computation with Twitter’s Cluster Technology.

Even as big data is turning the world upside down, the next phase of the revolution is already taking shape: real-time data analysis. This hands-on guide introduces you to Storm, a distributed, JVM-based system for processing streaming data. Through simple tutorials, sample Java code, and a complete real-world scenario, you’ll learn how to build fast, fault-tolerant solutions that process results as soon as the data arrives.

Discover how easy it is to set up Storm clusters for solving various problems, including continuous data computation, distributed remote procedure calls, and data stream processing.

Apache Storm project site

Note that this book is based on Storm 0.7.1 but so far the latest version is 0.9.5, so this book is quite outdated and need to be integrated with the online documentation.

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