About Me

Welcome on my personal website and blog. Let me tell you a little more about myself…

I’m an European/Italian open source and Linux enthusiast hacker since 1996, an auto-entrepreneur, a Linux senior DevOps, Developer, Cloud, Web, Data Science and Machine Learning passionate, with a strong musical, mathematical and networking background. That’s a bit unusual mix of interests and experiences I guess.

I live and work in Nice, in the south east of France, since 2008.


I was born and raised in Torino, in north west of Italy, and I did all my schooling in this town. Besides being a student at the Conservatoire of Music “G.Verdi”, I also did fairly well in school. So I had my Bachelor of Music-Piano Performance in 1993 (class of Maestro Domenico Canina) and a Master of Mathematics degree at the “Università degli Studi – Torino” in 1999, with emphasis in Computer Science, Mathematical and Graphics programming, Cryptography, and Artificial Intelligence. Research thesis: “Algorithms for Searching Saddle Points in Convex Analysis and their application to the Monotonic, Regular and Optimized interpolation.


job experiences
Study and Work Experiences

In 1999 I started to work in the private IT and Telecommunication sectors as Cisco WAN Engineer. Between 2001 and 2003 I worked at the Atlanet Internet Service Provider (now part of British Telecom) in the Network Delivery team and gained in-depth Cisco technology knowledge in network planning, implementing, configuring, troubleshooting and testing of MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) networking systems.

My primary interest since 1999 is studying and hacking the Linux environment and playing with the latest open source technologies.

Between 2003 and 2006 I had a wonderful experience as a Linux distribution developer and team leader (QiLinux distribution) which involved me into many different activities, ranging from the conception, creation from sources and integration of all the pieces and technologies of a modern Linux distribution to the software development, debugging and compliance with the available standards.
Since 2007 I started developing on the openmamba GNU/Linux distribution with roots in the discontinued QiLinux distribution but which has quickly moved to a fully independent project.

Between 2007 and 2014 I worked at IBM Italy and IBM France as a Linux system administrator in high pressure working environments, as Nagios/Centreon monitoring architect and developer, and finally as team leader of the IBM IMS Infrastructure group in La Gaude.

I became an auto-entrepreneur in 2013 (SIRET: 79212659100025).


My projects are mainly focused on Linux embedded (operating system, multimedia on the Raspberry Pi), on networking and AWS cloud technologies and recently on Full Stack and MEAN stack web development.

I’m currently work at Qwant as Infrastructure Lead DevOps with expertise in the Infrastructure Management, Docker containerization and Python programming.


Detailed curriculum Vitae in pdf  (278kB)



Currently digging around Mathematical Logic, Complex and Dynamic Systems, Chaos Theory, Fractals.


Cosmology, superstring theory and M-theory.


Global Warming and Climate Change threats.


Cloud Computing, Docker containerization, Infrastructure & Configuration as Code (IaC), Monitoring, Micro-services Architectures, SaltStack.


Functional, concurrent, and Web programming (in Python, Go, Scala, Node.js).

When I’m not working, I spend my time studying, taking MOOC’s, playing with my dog Pixi, taking care of my plants (crassulaceae, succulents and cactaceae), reading books, travelling, and help improving the openmamba GNU/Linux distribution.